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V.M.C. (VICTORIAN MOTORCYCLE COUNCIL) INC. ACN 148567015 (reg ASIC A0034404) est. 1997

Representation and Advocacy for riders Victoria must be united to use the power of voting numbers as a force for rider rights. A council structure recognises that riders are tribal, not all ride for the same reasons and not all have the same ideology or values on issues that affect them. There are many different formats of powered cycles and a vast diversity of needs.

The creation of the Victorian Motorcycle Council was for the first time, the opportunity to bring equality to all the various groups, clubs and associations, representing all types of on-road and off-road riders, so they may unite in strength for their common interests. It is well recognised that not all decisions and policies will satisfy every group however the process of having input and compromise is the very basis on which the concept will meet with success. Each associate organisation has two delegates or representatives on the Victorian Motorcycle Council which is administered by an elected Executive Committee.

The Victorian Motorcycle Council is an organisation supporting and representing Victorian motorcylists with the aim to:

  • Promote and improve all aspects of road safety concerning motorcycling in Victoria
  • Promote, improve and protect the use of motorcycles in Victoria, recognising their environmentally beneficial place in urban and land transport planning and systems
  • Promote and improve at all levels the full knowledge, awareness, understanding and acceptance of motorcyclists’ welfare and safety needs in Victoria.


•Protect the rights and freedoms of motorcyclists in the face of discriminatory legislation and practices.
•Promote the social and personal benefits of motorcycling.
•Promote appropriate planning and design of road infrastructure that is supportive of motorcycling.
•Promote the environmental benefits of motorcycling.
•Promote the safety and enjoyment of motorcyclists by improving riding skills.
•Promote a balanced approach to liberty and regulation.
•Work with interstate and international bodies to pursue mission objectives.
•Ensure recognised, ongoing, credible and sustainable motorcycle advocacy.


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